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fic: ghosts of things to come

Title: Ghosts of Things to Come

Rating: T

Characters/Pairing: Merlin, OC, Gwen, Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Gwen

Word Count: 3921

Disclaimer: These characters are borrowed.

Summary:  Set eleven years after Arthur’s death, Merlin tends to Gwen and Arthur’s daughter after she wins a tournament.

A/N: Big, massive, special thanks to withkissesfour and rubberglue for all their encouragement and insights. This story started out as something to do in breaks during the last couple of busy weeks. It’s my working out feelings over 5x13 and is also drawn from an idea I had a couple years ago about the Pendragons having daughters and Merlin acting as a mentor figure to one of them, as his legendary counterpart was to young Arthur. Title taken from Clint Mansell's "Ghosts of Things to Come."


Before every tournament, he would lean against a doorframe, arms crossed, sizing up each competitor as they filed passed him into the arena. He would wear a thin, steely-eyed smile that promised to enjoy the misery he would most certainly inflict on anyone who even considered foul play against the princess.Collapse )


meta: mordred in arthur's bane part two

In accordance with my ever schizophrenic relationship with Merlin, I've gotten into the habit of writing meta on it. The odd thing is that every week I vow to disengage myself with fandom even if when I continue to watch the new series, and then every week I end up writing a lot about feelings that I didn't even know I had. Now, I think part of this is my avoiding RL work, but who knows.

Anyway, along with that review I posted, I also wrote an essay of sorts on Mordred in 5X01 and 5x02. I figured that it's probably more appropriate to post the really lengthy meta on my LJ instead of my "super secret" meta tumblr. Both are not often frequented as my main tumblr, so it still feels somewhat separated from fandom.

Read more...Collapse )


meta: the death song of uther pendragon

Rubberglue keeps me updated on Selenak’s wonderful reviews. I always want to reply, but never get around to it. I started writing a reply tonight, and as is often the case when my fingers touch a keyboard, it turned into a massive essay. Brevity is not my strong suit.

"If only they had been put into a better episode."Collapse )


Title: in that dream i'm as old as the mountains
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Merlin, Gwen
Word Count: 958
Disclaimer: These characters are borrowed.
Summary: Gwen shares some news with Merlin.
A/N: Another excerpt I wrote months ago from another fic I will never finish that focuses on Arthur and Guinevere’s heir, a daughter, and the later days of Arthur’s reign. This scene would have been one of the first scenes of the story.

He enters the room, and with a good-natured wave of the hand, conveys that all is well. “Wyvern,” he explains, “lots of Wyvern.”Collapse )


fic: and true love waits in haunted attics

Title:  and true love waits in haunted attics
Rating: G
Pairing: Lancelot/Gwaine, Elaine/Lancelot
Word Count: 954
Disclaimer: These characters are borrowed.
Summary: Lancelot returns from the dead. He and Gwaine talk at the feast given in his honor.
A/N: Written for withkissesfour way back in the Fall 2011 as spec for 4x01 and 4x02. Her prompt: “I miss you so much it hurts sometimes.” Because Scrubs is the greatest show that ever was.

He tries not feeling anything at the things she does or doesn’t do, just as how he now tries not to look at her.Collapse )


Fic: Merlin, Doctor Who, RPF, Misc.

I’ve posted a handful of fic on my tumblr, and I’m now in the process of transferring it all over to these here parts, where they should have been in the first place. Apologies if this posts looks cluttered. I’m still new to cuts and protocol. After two years. I know. These ficlets are from the three sentence meme, at some point you can see how I just gave up and they turn into drabbles. OH WELL.


lancelot/gwaine, tavern, "never mind, I'll find someone like you" for withkissesfourCollapse )

merlin/morgana, elevator, anger for rubberglueCollapse )

arthur/gwen, sunglasses, playground/park for lilzipopCollapse )

arthur/gwen, beach, barefoot for team-angel-coulbyCollapse )

arthur/gwen, hotel room, awkward silence for rubberglueCollapse )

arthur/gwen for maardalaCollapse )

bradley/angel, france, hats for withkissesfourCollapse )

bradley/angel, france, egos for withkissesfourCollapse )

bradley/angel, france, camera for theres-always-hopeCollapse )

Doctor Who

doctor/river, bowties, utah for withkissesfourCollapse )


leo and srk as billy costigan (the departed) and ram jaane, respectively for maardalaCollapse )

fic: scenes from unfinished story

Title: Untitled as of now
Characters/Pairing: Gwen/Arthur, Merlin/Morgana
Rating: G
Disclaimer: These characters are borrowed.
Scene Summary: Arthur and Morgana attempt to cook dinner for a sick Gwen, leading to an impromptu conversation (or non-conversation because they’re Pendragons) about their love lives.
Story Summary: When Merlin, an unlucky in love matchmaker is hired to find Arthur a match which will make Uther happy, Arthur grows close to Merlin's flatmate and watch repair shop owner, Gwen, as Merlin finds himself falling for Morgana, who is recently estranged from Uther, though on good terms with Arthur. Also hijinks, intrigue, paintball... Lancelot!

In some sense, they weren’t that different at all....Collapse )


Title: Unforeseen Circumstances
Author: rubberglue
Artists: jontinf
Fandom: Merlin
Type: Het
Rating: PG (for artwork)
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen
A/N: Photo stock taken from Merlin's Keep and merlinlocations
Link to Story: http://rubber-glue.livejournal.com/75900.html
ArtCollapse )


Title:  five times merlin almost tells gwen (and the one time he does)

Characters/Pairing: Merlin, Gwen, Arthur/Gwen

Rating: T for violence

Word Count: 3427

Disclaimer: These characters are borrowed.

Summary: Merlin wonders if there is anything about Gwen that isn’t unconditional.

A/N: Written for rubberglue. The story is set after “The Nightmare Begins” (2x03) and continues through to “The Sword in the Stone Pt. II” (4x13). It becomes AU with 4x13.

Everything suddenly makes sense about Arthur’s words to him the day prior...Collapse )


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